I am NOT a “car person.” I can’t really tell one car from another, I guess because I really just don’t care in the end. I’d rather be walking or riding bikes, but reality is that I live in a city and have a family of five. My kids attend school and activities in another city so what can I do? I was really hoping that in the years since we bought our last mini-van (used then of course but a ’99) that things would have progressed and I’d get a vehicle with much better gas mileage.
Ahem. Nooooooo!
Mini-vans today (even brand new) get MAYBE one or two miles more per gallon than my old one! So, with many repairs in the future of the old Winstar we bit the bullet and bought a “new” used vehicle anyway.

My Mother’s Day Gift
(Thanks, babe!)

It is really swanky compared to our old mom-mobile- 2 DVD screens, wireless headsets, everyone has their own sunroof and air control (and light like on an airplane!) Thanks for the great deal, Marc!
I think we’re spoiled already! I only hope that President Obama will take all this into consideration when he’s doling out tax-payer money to car manufacturers that don’t manage their companies well. I know that large vans still get the same gas-mileage that they did in 1977. Mini-vans haven’t made progress since at least 1990. What is wrong with this picture? Hopefully by the time I need a new mini-van (and yes, I will have to get another one since I have 3 kids and a large dog and even though car seats will go away they will only be replaced with long legs!)
Hopefully there will be hybrid or electric mini-vans soon…
A funny for you…

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