Today was my first trip back to an orthodontist in 21 yrs. Not for me, for my oldest cutie.
We got the bad/good news.

  • Yes, she has to have braces (sucking your thumb for 9 yrs will do that to you)
  • Insurance will pay $1000 of it
    (Not going to tell you what they WON’T pay, but let’s say “YIKES!” and “I wish I’d gone to dental school.”)
  • It will only take 22 months or so! (I had my stupid braces on for FOUR YEARS!)
  • Rubber bands now come in an actual pallete of colors you can choose from.
  • Spacers are now plastic and tiny. (No huge metal bands around your teeth that they hammer on.)
  • No head gear! (Yes, I had to wear it but cheated and only wore it at night.)
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