This weekend we made a jaunt up to my grandpa’s in Clarksville. The goal of the trip was to be there in time for some of the Johnson County Peach Festival festivities.

Rodeo Queens

Neat picture of the diversity in Clarksville. The building with the green awning used to be my great-grandfather’s drugstore “The Palace” and later my great uncles ran and owned it. My granddad had his doctor’s office next door! Walmart managed to eventually run them out of business.

I love the festival- so much small town fun! Even the governor got in on the parade action!
It was hot but we had a nice wall to lean on so had our bit of shade.
We missed the fiddle contest, which is always phenomenal, because the kids were too hot and wanted to jump in the lake. I was bummed but the cool water of the creek we found at Horsehead Lake made up for it (I think.) Cole really liked it! I know the Thai Steakhouse in Ozark made up for it. I LOVE that place. The family that owns it is the nicest and it’s probably the best “oriental” restaurant in Arkansas. (At least that I’ve found.) Beats everything in Central Arkansas hands down.

I decided to try to “color” my grey hair with cassia obovata I’d gotten from this site. It is a natural plant that you make into a paste and put on your hair. It’s supposed to condition hair and turn grey blonde. Doesn’t change any other hair colors. It really did work! Not supposed to last very long, but much better than all those bad chemicals. I don’t think it conditioned my hair though, made it feel a bit dry. Maybe it’s the orange juice you have to mix the powder with. I might try yogurt next go round like some suggest.

We came home for a nice Father’s Day cookout at my in-law’s and a movie (kids and I saw “Imagine That”.) Then J decided to stand up just as I was bending over to pick him up last night for bed. Perfect timing and a broken nose for mom. A little purple and a lot swollen, at least it is straight. That kid has one hard head.

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