I’m feeling a little blue

This is the gist of it…

My 7 yr. old, who until last week had to wave and blow kisses to me from the door to daddy’s car on his way to school in the morning- now just says “Bye, Mom!” and gives me a kiss

My 4 yr. old tells me:

“Mom, quit dancing!”

“Mom, quit singing!”

“Mom, I just don’t want to!”
And I can’t seem to forget lately that he will be 5 in December and K age next year…

Volunteering at school I’m feeling like an old (I AM NOT!) gray haired (I am) lady with all of these “fresh out-of-college” teachers. I have to remember when I taught I was that young.

On the bright side:

My sweet, sweet, girl did ask me to go on their field trip today. She also kissed me goodbye and asked me to put her hair up for her yesterday.

(AND, the dog likes my song and dance act!)

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