The Dalai Lama’s talk was wonderful. I’m so glad I went.
The main thing I took out of it was that we moms are the key to world peace!
He said children learn compassion from their mothers,
Compassion is what makes us all better people
Peace in your heart gives you the ability to think about things more and make better decisions.

M’s school had a field trip to Worldfest yesterday. It was MUCH bigger than it’s been, mainly due to my kids’ school. They had probably quadruple the normal amount of entries and don’t think they were totally prepared for that. The kids were so good though. I was impressed.

M’s group did a song from Ireland (which honestly I couldn’t get a word of but still they are so cute!)

Our neighbors’ son played with his Shamrock Strings group and were awesome!

I took my boys to the Rivermarket for a late lunch (due to LONG lines at the fest) where an artist secretly drew our portrait. The boys were so impressed and he taught them about perspective and shading while he finished up the picture. Now we have a lovely week of Fall break so maybe I can work on instilling that compassion and inner peace in my crazy kids.

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