Happy Blog Action Day!

The topic?
Climate Change

My family thinks about climate change daily. I’m not kidding. My kids worry about it constantly.

We have been trying to live a “greener” life to make changes in our own little ways. But is it enough?

People brush off the issue, we all want to pretend like nothing is going on.
But- look at the changes happening in our short little span on this beautiful planet…

I have personally seen coral reefs that were once gorgeous when I was a child, almost completely disappear or turn into brown deserts due to slight temperature changes in the water. Oceans are rising at a rate three times faster than the historical norm!
(Ask any fisherman, surfer, scuba diver and they will tell you it is true.)

My grandfather (now in his 90’s) tells us how he used to ice skate on the pond in his hometown. Now it’s rare to see snow there at all.

Storms have intensified. Natural disasters are now a yearly event. Water shortages abound, and as a result disease and famine spread.

The ice caps, glaciers, and mountain snows are disappearing. 2008 was the 8th hottest year in recorded history according to the NOAA. Polar bears are drowning because the ice is so thin in places.

Even if you don’t believe in Global Warming or that Climate Change is not occurring, how could changing your own little world hurt?

Hopefully we can make a difference if we TRY.

What have we got to lose?
Our futures,
Our lives,
Our planet.

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