Well, we made our annual Halloween Gingerbread Cookies.
This year I let the kids make them so they don’t look quite like last year’s,
but were much more fun to make!

Kids rolling out the dough

Getting ready to bake

We only had one minor squirmish (is that a word?) over how many cookies could have sprinkles and how many had to be plain. I used store bought Wilton cookie icing this year. I NEVER use store bought icing and now remember one reason why. It didn’t ooze right and the tip on the bottle was way too big. If you make these use the smallest (#1) tip to get the bones just right!

Finished products

Gingerbread just smells like fall! (Tastes pretty great too!)

Em’s skeleton bear

If you’d like to get in on the fun go visit Better in Bulk!

We had a month’s worth of rain YESTERDAY, so not sure how the Halloween plans will go. I am thinking about doing the Booseum Bash downtown this year. The Pharaoh exhibit at the AAC might be especially fun on Halloween! Still haven’t figured out the kids’ costumes. Know what I’ll be doing tonight!

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