Recipes and Ruts-
Seems we all seem to get in them, don’t we?
I know I have my favorite recipe for something and don’t vary from it- mainly where baking is concerned. (Honestly I’m not one to actually follow a recipe otherwise- such the rebel, eh?)

For example:


I adore chocolate, and brownies… can you get any better than one straight out of the oven with a cool glass of milk? (Chocolate chip cookies come in a close second in my book.) The ultimate comfort food.

I use two recipes for brownies normally. The “Fudge Brownie” recipe that makes a small glass square pan (so I won’t eat more) from BHG’s “New Cook Book” from 1989,

The old time Betty Crocker’s “Cooky Book” recipe from the 1963 edition (mom uses this one.)
It makes a 9×13″ glass pan so I only do that one when I know the kids will devour most of them before I do.

Last night I had a brownie craving and made the BC recipe in (gasp) my Pampered Chef jelly roll stone pan! And… I iced them! The kids were in shock this morning when I revealed them.

“But these don’t look like brownies, mom.”
“These are different.”

Sometimes change is good I think. The pan is a third gone already!
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