My family is awesome!

Saturdays E has dance from what she considers daybreak for a weekend til noon, then
in the afternoons both she and M have Nutcracker practice til dinner time. Such troopers!
The boys and I dropped her off, then ran back to NLR to get yummy milk from the market (and a few more goodies) and to deliver more Cub Scout popcorn.
Scott had a convention all day, so we spent the whole hour and a half break between classes eating a fantastic lunch at Chip’s BBQ. I’ll admit, I’d never been there before. I worked in that area forever and never tried it.

It is a Little Rock staple and has been around since the 1960’s. It was so yummy! I had a BBQ chicken sandwich and Em had the pork. The boys both had burgers (notice all my kids were eating red meat since they don’t get it at home…)

We had heard the thing that makes Chip’s famous is the pie so of course we had to order some-

The favorite?
Chocolate! (of course)
We couldn’t eat everything and the kids had very full bellies to dance with, but it was fun!
Sunday Scott finished the wood trim in the living room (he is awesome!) and I attempted to paint the kitchen ceiling (to no avail.) There is a water stain and I had no KILZ, so it kept seeping back through. About ten coats later I can still see it. ARGH.
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