Tub Scrub (I love this!)

In a mixing bowl pour about equal amounts of baking soda and borax. 
(Maybe 2 cups each?)
Pour in some True Lemon powder (you can use True Orange or Lime also!)
just enough to scent the mix. 

To use:  Wet bathtub or sink.  Sprinkle tub scrub in tub.  Watch the fun!  It bubbles when it gets wet!
Scrub and watch the sparkles!  This smells yummy too. 

Glass & General Purpose Cleaner

Both of these are subjective recipes too.  (Sorry!)
I have some spray bottles I bought at Sam’s Club in a three pack. 
I fill one up about two inches with vinegar (disinfectant,) then add about an inch of rubbing alcohol (disinfectant and makes it dry faster,)  then add a few drops of tea tree oil  and fill the rest to the line with water.  To make it more of a general cleaner I add a tablespoon of Borax and let dissolve (makes icky stuff come off counters better.)  To be just a glass cleaner you can actually use all vinegar, but I like the mix of the alcohol and vinegar- just think it works better. 
This works great on almost every surface (except nice wood.) 

Hope you like these as much as I do!  If you have some good ones to share please comment! 

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