My kids are nutty!   
Today they are out of school for a teacher’s work day (again, yes, one day of school this week!)
This is what I hear coming from the living room…

Let’s play “Ancient Egyptians come to life”!
Okay!  Cool!  I’m a mummy.  (As he makes himself a coffin out of the couch pillows)  Where is your tomb?”
You have to be King Tut.  You’re the youngest.
But King Tut was cool. He was a young boy king. 
Well, OK then.
Do you want to be a vizier, mummy maker, priest, or slave?
I think I’ll be an assassin who killed the king.
Talk about how they will mummify him ensues, but it’s gross and I won’t repeat it.  (Well, mummification is gross!)
You have to be Cleopatra, Emily.  She’s that pretty queen in the sand.  (huh?)
No, I want to be the vizier who is secretly plotting the overthrow of the pharaoh.  

Now the pharaoh is bossing everyone around.  The plot is thickening as they plan the assasination…

Okay, now where would you like your coffin to be?

Oh my! 

Okay, mom!  Come in the museum!
I go in…
Three exhibits.
One King Tut complete with a plate that tells his history.
One is an upper class Egyptian lady.
One labeled “Hired Assassin” complete with frozen heart.
One large black lab, a.k.a. “King Mutt.”

I leave then hear.
“What does it say?”  I hear them whisper.  “I don’t know, we only read hieroglyphics!”

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