We had a busy weekend (again.)  I am so looking forward to Spring Break on the beach, just being able to stretch out and breathe deeply.

The Girl Scout pinewood derby was Saturday.  My troop had one trophy this year, one of the girls got 2nd place for speed!  (Not as many as last year but it was still lots of fun!)  Emily had to rush from dance to the derby, and then off to the Father-Daughter dance and movie with dad.  (My iPhone is acting up again and won’t upload my pics, if I can get them off I’ll post!)
Yesterday I attempted to clean her room while she was at sewing club.  ARGH.  After many bags of garbage and a trunk full of things to give away you can see the floor!  (Yes, it was that bad.)  I’m going to work on it again today and maybe I’ll be able to paint it before Spring Break.  She wants a crazy lime green color that I’m not too game on, but hey, I grew up in houses where we couldn’t paint the walls.

It’s so hard to believe she’s a teenager now.  I asked her if we could get rid of her dress-up clothes and she said “yes.”  🙁  We took them to the neighbor’s sweet little girl, so it made us both feel better knowing they would be used.  But still, no more tutus in my house… (except real ones, of course.)

 My princess- age 3
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