What a difference a little sunshine can make!
 I don’t think I realize how down the dark days can make me until the sun comes back around. 

 Rosebud tree

This has been a nice weekend, I don’t want it to end!  We went to the Apple Blossom Invitational at Oaklawn yesterday with some great friends who’d flown in from California to see Zenyatta win her 16th consecutive win.  It was truly beautiful to see her glide down the track.  What a gorgeous horse… 

 Mike Smith and Zenyatta

I got the garden started yesterday (thanks to my awesome man for tilling it up a few weeks ago.) 

I had rescued a broken wooden baby gate from the side of the road and he made a cute pea/bean trellis for me.   We have the rabbit hutch planted with it’s roof garden (which actually seems to be working!)  I put portulaca, mint, and oregano on top because they have shallow roots, and the roof planter is not very deep.   We also moved it to the garden.  That way our sweet bunny can help me with the weeds!  (She LOVES them!)

Now, we’re going to figure out which chicken coop we want.  Hubby has lots of wood he found from his garage clean-up yesterday that he says will do.   I am thinking I’ll get Rhode Island Reds if I can find them, maybe 4? 

 Maybe this one?
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