I am so snick of sickiling sick of sniffling!
Our family is divided into two definite allergy camps:

The Spring Snifflers
The Autumn Achoo-ers

I myself, fall into the Spring Sniffler category along with my oldest son.  We have been miserable for a month now.  I am hoping for rain to wash away this oak pollen, but imagine it will be at least another week.  The pollen has been record breaking here this year (honestly.)  My black van is covered in yellow pollen no matter what I do.  I wash the window and it’s yellow in less than an hour!

 Pollen on my porch (The floor is normally red!)

My problem is that I love the beautiful sunshine and can’t stand to be cleaning house inside.  I’ve been really trying to get the garden going strong and the yard cleaned up (which is really hard with 3 kids and a 100+ lb dog who likes to tear things up.)  I’m really paying for it!

No, not a swamp but my lovely pool (We filled it up two weeks ago- why?)  
Not going to clean it until this is over! 

My theory is that the earth is getting back at us.
They say if global warming continues the pollen counts will be insane.  (Aren’t they already?)  Look at all the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions in the last few years.
Isn’t that a clue?

On a sort of related side-note:

We recently watched No Impact Man.  I admit, I’d heard of this guy, Colin Beavan, and the controversy over what he was doing, etc. but had never read his blog.  But, after watching the movie, I really admire what his family did.  I don’t get the anger some people felt over what he was doing.  I mean -honestly? people!  Who would be upset with a family who was trying to get out of the shopping/credit frenzy, trying to live a greener life for their daughter?  Maybe they had no clue when they started, but doesn’t that make them even more admirable?  And so what if they made a living off of doing it?  Just shows they are smart folks.  What a HUGE step for people who only ate take-out before the project?  Kudos to the Beavans. 

My family lives a pretty green life and I don’t know if I could do everything they did.  (No toilet paper or electricity?  YIKES!)  I think everyone should try something similar (if not on this scale) for a week or two just to see the garbage we generate as humans.

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