Some early Earth Day 2010 resolutions (because the kids are outside playing and I have to take advantage of it!):

I will really try to:

  • Remember the bags in the back of my trunk EVERY time I go into a store.  (I forget 1/2 the time.)
  • Don’t buy the kids junk for lunchboxes that are individually wrapped anymore (even if they are organic.)  This includes juices and milk.  Check out these cute lunchboxes!
  • Frequent close local businesses and restaurants, not chains.
  • Try and eat out only twice a month.  (This means planning my meals better.)
  • Buy things that are only necessary, and first shop thrift stores or farmer’s market– then make sure I’m buying things that are local first, and have the least packaging possible.

I think I can manage that.

Some other easy steps to make every day Earth Day:

  •  Recycle!  (There isn’t much you can’t anymore!)
  • Compost if you don’t already.  It’s easier than you think!  We even have a separate worm farm that my hubby made out of some small plastic shoe boxes and scraps of wood!  They love coffee grounds and junk mail! 
  • Think about your schedule and make trips that combine errands so you don’t waste gas.  Carpool or share trips if you can!  
  • Make your own cleaners.  They work better, are cheaper, and won’t hurt your health or the earth!
  • When giving gifts, use reusable packaging (a pretty scarf, nice tote, etc.) Also, think about what you’re giving and why.
  • Don’t buy new things unless you have to.  Think “Do I REALLY need this?”  Trade things with friends!  Use Freecycle to give and get goodies.  (We use this often- have even had an old garage taken down to be reused with it!  No labor or cost to us!)  

Mainly, just BE AWARE.
Aware of how what you are doing will impact the earth, (What garbage will this make? What is it made from?  Is it toxic?)
Aware of what you really need, (Do I need this?)
Aware of how what you do effects others.  (Who made this?)

We might try and check out our local Earth Day celebrations this year.  Hope you have a great day!

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