We had middle school field day on Thursday, then a 4 day weekend and I tried to make the best of it (despite our crazy Arkansas Spring weather.)  Max’s 8th birthday party at the park was canceled on Saturday due to tornado sirens and hail.  We had drained our fishpond to redo it, and it’s now completely full.  Hope it doesn’t rain this Saturday for the party do-over. 

 Some of the many cupcakes we made (and had to eat- darn it!)

Monday the kids were out of school and the sun was out, so we decided to go to what they call “Crawdad Park.”  (As you probably guessed, not it’s real name.)  How fun to walk through the creek, get muddy, collect specimens, and skip some rocks! 

Wet feet
Salamander (before his capture)
Crawdad (after his release)
Twisty Tree (Wisteria vine had dug into it over time)
We followed a trail of mulberries that were floating down the creek to the tree they were falling from.  This started a discussion about what was edible and what wasn’t.  They listed dandelions, crawdads, mulberries, blackberries (not ripe yet,) and clover.   
Then we went home and ate more Lego cupcakes.
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