Yesterday was a tough day for mom’s in this house.  (Oh wait, that’s me!)
I won’t go deep into details, but they do include a broken nose (mine again) and broken drinking glasses.  (Both of these were kid inflicted and had to do with enforcing rules which said stubborn kids did not wish to follow- sounds worse than it actually is for dramatic effect.)  

Days like yesterday make me wonder if my kids do love me or if I’m just the worst mom in the world…

Which brings us to today’s fitting writing prompt…

I know my kids really love me because:

  • Even though they like their school they still ask me weekly to homeschool them next year which makes me think they do want to still be near me.  
  •  They acknowledged my presence when I got in last night from a meeting (kid speak for “Wow! I missed you!” in case you didn’t know.)
  • Oldest kid waved goodbye today and gave me morning hugs (even after fussing about getting up and getting out the door.) 
  • My youngest had to go on for twenty minutes at bedtime with…  “Mommy, I love you google-billion-towsand-millions.  That is a lot, right mommy?  I love you more than that.”
  •  Middle kid still can’t go to sleep without me snuggling him for awhile.
  • I find syrup on the table, toothpaste on the sink, clothes on the floor, which I know must be secret code for “Love ya mom, didn’t want you to be bored today!” 
  • My oldest two ask me to take them to lunch, and maybe partly because they want to talk to me and not just because they don’t want school food.  

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Today’s Prompts:
1.) Open letter to new moms.
(inspired by Tiffany from The Secret Is In The Sauce).
2.) In honor of teacher appreciation week write a poem to a teacher you remember or currently know.
(inspired by Julie from My 5 Monkeys)
3.) I know my kids really love me because…
(inspired by Sarah from Lit And Laundry)
4.) Memories of mom.
5.) Describe a home cooked meal that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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