We have been sick for the past week.  Strep throat again.  Fun stuff.  On top of that Emily and I developed bronchitis and sinus infections so we are just now up and around.  (Thank God for antibiotics.)  Being sick has made us all a bit stir-crazy. 

I decided to get out and see what has become of my yard today, and cut some of my pretty hydrangeas.  The blue ones are probably original to the house, at least 50+ yrs old maybe?  The white ones are a heritage variety I got at a garden show- you can’t see it very well in the picture but they are white with tiny blue buds that are under the white petals.  I also have a laceleaf but it’s not that pretty yet.  I’ll post pics when they bloom. 

Arranging these made me think…
Hydrangeas are a lot like kids.  They are really hard to get to do what you want, and somehow even if they don’t do everything you expect they are awfully fun anyway.  

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