Yesterday Jac had to take his kindergarten “entrance exams.”  (Yeah, I know.)  He is REALLY not wanting to go to school, which starts in July by the way.  Being the youngest of three, he knows most of the kids & teachers at school already.  First he wouldn’t get out of the car.  He was not a happy camper and then refused to go into the room to take the test.
We tried:

  1. Bribery with lunch with mommy & Max
  2. Told him he could feed the snake in the science room
  3. Told him he could see the chinchilla in said science room
  4. They told him they would make a volcano with him
  5. Bribery with candy

You know what worked?  (Hint- None of the above!)
I had to go get Max from his classroom to go with him to take the tests.  They did make a volcano and I think they both ended up having fun. (Thank you for sweet, patient teachers!)

I took the boys to lunch at Your Mama’s, a busy “blue-plate” diner nearby.

Can you tell we don’t eat beef at home?
“Mom, these are the best rolls EVER!”

Later I asked little man if he was excited now about being at school with his brother and sister- his response was…


My thinking is that they don’t have the playground installed/purchased yet.  I mean, I don’t want to even go to a school with no playground.  All I can really remember about kindergarten was baking, playing dress-up, getting in trouble at naptime, and playing on the playground (chasing boys.)  I think it’s a sad state of affairs when No Child Left Behind has taken away all but the playground part, and most of that.  Being a parent of a now 8th grader who started kindergarten when this wonderful education plan started I can’t tell that it’s improved anything. 

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