Do you blog in your head? 
I have been thinking about wonderful posts I’ve written (while picking up kids, shopping for groceries, going to the dentist) that never have materialized into anything other than blips in my brain. 

Some wonderfully famous things I’ve “written” (in my head):

  • Letters to people who have wronged me or I have wronged (apologizing or forgiving)
  • That lovely self-help book for new moms on things your mom never told you
  • A gardening book (on what not to do)
  • A collection of recipes from my family 
  • The next 3 or 4 Broadway musicals
  • An entire album of folk/bluegrass songs
  • Books on homeschooling fun
  • Some of the most fantastic blog entries (although I can’t remember what even one of them was about.)
  • An entire series of sci-fi novels for young adults
  • A lovely picture book on growing up in the Canal Zone
  • A beautiful operetta for children
  • A ballet or two (entirely choreographed in my head)

The list is endless…

My good buddy over at GooseySpot mentions the problem in her blog today that the iPhone has gotten her into- how listening to music has staunched that urge to write a bit.  I can’t blame that one, I don’t know where my headphones are. (Well, they are probably in my daughter’s room at the bottom of some pile.)

NPR had a guy on the other day discussing how one of the hardest parts of being a parent is getting “out of our heads” and into the moment.  He discussed how God is in the HERE and NOW and how if we stop to smell the roses, per se, through what he called “active meditation” that we can find bliss.  Also how our children will remember us being “present” and aware of them at this moment.
I guess I need to work on that one. 

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