I feel slightly nuts lately.
Maybe it’s the heat.  (Only like 115 today.)
Or me not learning to say “no” once again…
Too many irons in the fire as my mom would say. (Sure feels like it in this heat.)

My friend Alison has a challenge going to blog every day in August.  I don’t know if I’ll manage it (missed the first already) but I will try!  Just to keep my head.

Why I feel crazy:

  • We have been trying to fix up a rent/flip house we got a few weeks ago.  It’s a great little house (or will be) by the lake.  Very cute backyard (or will be.)  The past two weeks have been spent cleaning, buying lights and glass, talking to contractors and electricians… That would normally be fine but…
  • The kids ALL started school at the same time so that has made my life like a crazy whirlwind. 
  • I am VP in charge of fundraising for the PTA and trying to get the first fundraiser going has been more of a challenge than I expected.  Hopefully it will work out okay in the end.  Two weeks left.
  •  It’s HOT.  (Did I say it was hot?)

 I feel better already! (Maybe that’s the ice cream…)

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