My aunt found this recipe on an old envelope when she was cleaning up my grandparent’s attic:

It is in my grandma’s handwriting, and written when her sister was still alive (before 1980 or so.)  I’m thinking it was even written in the 50’s, but not sure. 

12 eggs (this quantity was blurred so not sure) 
1 T salt
4 T mustard
2 c sugar
2 c vinegar
1 cup cream or canned milk
Cook til thick.
*Notes- Real Good

We can’t figure out what the recipe is for!  I haven’t tried to make it yet (because honestly, it doesn’t sound so yummy to me) but do really want to know what it’s for! My grandma and her sister were both Canadian, in case any Canadians out there know what this is!

It almost sounds like a cooked mayonnaise, but then also like a custard like lunch salad.  Hmmmm…
Does anyone have any ideas?

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