Saturday my sweet friend Alison and I went to a Cheeseblogher party hosted by the awesome Kyran Pittman 


 For those you don’t know (like me before I was invited) the Cheeseblogher party was set up for all of those who can’t go to NYC to the big BlogHer convention this weekend. 
  • It was held downtown in one of the new condo buildings (GORGEOUS views B.T.W.) and made us feel very posh indeedy. 
  • It was a chance to feel like a grown-up (or get dress like one anyway.)

  • Made me realize how “out of the mingling loop” I am- I’m so not up on my public speaking, so I felt like a bit of a dork (which I am, as those of you who know me can attest to.)
  •  I got to meet some GREAT fellow lady bloggers (and finally put faces to those I already loved.)  How cool to finally meet locals with habits like mine and to hear why and what they blog. 
  • My daughter was mad because I didn’t take my camera (batteries were dead from her using it) and get a pic of Alison and I wearing cheeseburger bags on our heads (which we didn’t do.) Sorry kid. Maybe next time. 

I went to a WordPress convention a few months ago and felt so out of place. 
NOT the case here with the funny, wonderful women I met.  I look forward to more Arkansas Blogging fun!

La’Tonya, Me, & Alison Chatting (Thanks to Stickhorse Cowgirls!)
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