With my youngest starting kindergarten life has been different.
Now, my life is busy but too quiet (except for dogs and chickens) until they come home. In the noisy car yesterday Jac wanted to know what it meant to go to the *principal’s office.

 *Note that my kids’ principal is the sweetest person ever.

Jac:   “What do they do in the principal’s office?”
Max: “Put you in the chokey,” 
Me:   “Well, it depends on what you do.  Talk to you about it, call your parents, kick you out of school…” 
Jac:   “Oh.  Did you ever go the principal’s office mom?”
Me:   “Never.  I was a good girl. ” (true)  “Well, okay three times.  The first was when I was in kindergarten.” (also true)
Kids: “When you were in KINDERGARTEN?!! WHAT did you DO, mom?” 
Me:    “Well, there was this boy who was my friend.  I thought he was pretty cute. I was goofing off at  lunch and pretended to pour my milk on his head, but my milk was all gone.  Well, I thought it was all gone but found out it wasn’t when he got doused with milk, so I was sent to the office.”
Jac:   “What did the principal do?”
Me:   “She laughed and told me not to do it again.”
Max:  “Wow, you were lucky mom.”

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