Do you have one of those dishes that people ask you to make? 
(They may not be your personal favorites, but everyone else loves them?)
Mine are my enchiladas verdes, pizza, and carrot cake. 
This recipe came from one from my grandma that I changed quite a bit.  I do still like hers, and that’s the one folks actually expect, but this one is healthier and actually more of a real enchilada.  My kids have become pickier (is that even possible?) so I took the rice out of these (which is inside them with Meme’s recipe and also has almonds, which I leave out now for kids.)

Enchiladas Verdes


  • Shredded Chicken (could use turkey) I boiled, cooled, and shredded breasts, about 3?
  • Chopped onions or leeks (I used leeks this time)
  • Packet of Sazon for flavoring (or you could just use salt, pepper, cumin, oregano)
  • A bit of vinegar (maybe a tablespoon?)
  • Broth if needed 
  • My grandma added cooked rice and chopped roasted almonds to her filling which is tasty for a more casserole type meal.

Saute onions and garlic first til transparent.  Then add rest and simmer.  
When sauce (below) is done add a little to the filling and stir.


  • Sour cream, Greek Yogurt, or blended Cottage Cheese (I used sour cream and blended cottage cheese this time) about 2 cups, maybe a bit more depending on how creamy you like it.  *My grandma’s recipe uses cream of chicken soup instead.
  • Shredded cheese (Mexican cheeses, cheddar or a mix) I used a Mexican/Cheddar blend from the store.  About a cup or so.
  • Salsa Verde also known as Tomatillo Salsa. (I use a pre-made salsa, Herdez brand which I like. You could make your own but tomatillos are expensive here and I haven’t braved growing them myself.)  Again, as much as you’d like- think I use about a third to half of a jar.
  • Broth (I used chicken broth I’d made when I boiled the chicken breasts by adding some veggies to the boiling water.) Add enough to give it the right consistency, about a cup or so?

Filling Enchiladas

Rolled Enchiladas

Spread a little sauce in bottom of 9 x 13″ baking dish.  Fill flour tortillas with enough filling to still be able to roll nicely.  You can use store-bought tortillas or make your own.  Roll and place seam side down in baking dish. You can sprinkle the top with more cheese if you want to.

Before Baking

Bake in a 350 degree oven until they are a little brown on top and heated through.