My kids go to a year-round school, so we are lucky to have a wonderful thing called “Fall Break!” The last week in September to- first week in October we have the entire week off to enjoy life and each other’s company.   This year Scott couldn’t get time off from work and so I took the kids and my mom to the beach with a friend (who’s hubby couldn’t take off either.)  

I’ll admit I was nervous.

  1.  She has four girls all around my kids’ ages, but they didn’t really know each other so I wasn’t sure how they would get along.  
  2. Being in a condo with 7 kids and 3 adults was a little scary by itself.  
  3. I had never been on a vacation without Scott (well, one that was just for fun anyway and not to help mom move or to work.)  


We had so much fun! 

That time is perfect for getting good deals and great weather,

One view from the condo

The kids loved each other,

In the Mouth


 We saw dolphins every day,

So Cute!

Showing off for the tourists

We only had one trip to the emergency room (due to a friend as big as Flipper-but with sharper teeth,)
  & we had to learn to be still
and relax a little. 

I don’t know about them, but I’m planning our next trip together already!

“Resting” in Vicksburg
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