So, I was a really good/bad mom today
(on this second snow day of the week)…
For breakfast the kids had s’mores.  

For lunch they had a tea party.
Not just any old tea party, mind you.  A “Super Zombie-Monster Tea Party.”
Or that is what I was told.

Finger sandwiches, hibiscus tea/blood punch, and cheese were on the menu.
Bit of the conversation I overheard:
“Why weren’t you at the tea party last week, J/Mr. Skeleton?”
In a scary voice “My rib was missing.”
“Oh, we thought it was because you didn’t have the guts!”
“Why, is this O+ blood?  It is delicious?”

I’m so blessed to have kids that have imaginations.  Makes my heart happy (even if I do have to watch my neck!)

Tonight we took a walk in the sub-zero temps (what was I thinking?) and watched what today’s sun had done to the local snowmen.

Melty, Our Friendly Neighborhood Snowman


 Ours was gone.  Maybe he heard about the scary tea party.
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