My kids have been hiding out in the living room for the past few days.  Emily had a lock-in at a prospective high school on Friday night (YIKES!) so the boys and I had a sleepover of our own.
Pizza, movies, sleeping bags…
The dog and I even had our own pallet on the floor. 
Last night they wanted to recreate the experience but this time with sister included.
(I didn’t make it through the night I must admit and retired to the quiet of my room.  Of course it was my fault for letting them make cookies and have coke. )
All day long they are re-making their “forts” and jumping on my furniture.
This is what I overheard:
J- “I don’t know how much longer I can do this!”
M-“You have to.  You are being punished.”
J- “Ya, I know, but the sky sure is really heavy and my muscles hurt.”
Me- “Who are you supposed to be J?”
J- “You know, that dude that holds up the heavens? Um Atlan?”
Me- “Atlas?”
J- “Ya, him.”

Picture from Bullfinches’ Mythology Online

Wow.  Thank you, Rick Riordan!

*If you don’t know about Rick Riordan books you should check them out.  We’ve read almost all of his books out loud together, and E and I have read ALL his books.  Anxiously waiting on his next one!

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