Well, sad news in our house…
Dinner, Max’s pet chicken, went to the great scratching ground in the sky.
Dinner as a Youngster

She had been sick for over a month.  I tried EVERYTHING to get her well. 
(My family really thought I was nuts, believe me.)  It was so strange.  At first she started acting weak, then in a week or so acted like she’d hurt her foot.  Then, a few weeks later both feet totally didn’t work.  My theory is that she had a genetic disorder where she was TOO GOOD of a layer (she would lay two eggs a day on average) and it leached all the calcium from her body.   Even with me giving them enriched food, veggies, and oyster shell…  I tried home remedies (spoon feeding yogurt, shredded apples, oats,)  tetracycline just in case, vitamins.    Her sisters didn’t pick on her or bother her much.  They were only a little jealous that she got to be spoon fed.  I swear they have been singing a little dirge at night in her memory.  Very sweet.
Cole Looking at Dinner

R.I.P. Dinner the chicken
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