Monday was the first day of school for the boys…
Max is now a “middle schooler” in big old 5th grade
and Jac is a 2nd grader!
This about says it all (big sis is happy she has a month of vacation left)
I dread school starting as much as the kids do.  
Summer is so nice,
 no running around trying to get people where they need to be,
no ironing,
no getting grumpies ready for school,
no making lunches at six A.M….
They both have great teachers though and that makes it a little easier. 
Max said, “I think my class is really good this year and I think we have the best teacher even if she is strict.   I really like the book I’m reading.” 
Jac said, “I hate the stupid cafeteria.  I’m never eating again.  But, my class is nice and I know people.”  (It’s always good to know people.) 
All in all those are pretty good quotes from kids who wanted to be home-schooled last week!
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