Picture of Ozark Witch Hazel @panamamama.com
Ozark Witch Hazel

Beautyberry- purple berries on green stem in herb garden

Old log cabin and fence, log carving of a little bearded man
Shy Guy

Celosia or cockscomb flower up close in hanging basket, pink flowers
Celosia in a hanging basket

Fence with hanging herb baskets and rosemary in pots
Secret (Herb) Garden
Ozark folk center state park herb store, hanging plant in wire insulator
Hanging plant holder from wire insulator (I have to make one of these!)

Sunflowers, yellow with green stalks

Ozark Folk Center State Park herb store and garden with trellis
Beautiful Arbor

Potted terracotta plant, purple and white flowers
Potted loveliness
I’m home from the Arkansas Women Blogger’s Unplugged conference at the Ozark Folk Center!  
More fun to come… 
Be on the lookout for a chance to win boots from Country Outfitters!  
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