This weekend we celebrated my grandpa’s 95th birthday!
My Popie is an amazing guy.  Smart, funny, and kind.  
It was great to get some of the family together- we don’t do it enough it seems. 

We had a red, white, and blue themed BBQ lunch.  Mom used baskets and apple crates from her house for decoration and storage.  We bought yellow mums, red peppers, and black-eyed susans in pots to use as flowers so we wouldn’t waste anything.  Mom had a ton of red white and blue fabric she’d bought to make a quilt and we used that on serving tables and just brown craft paper from the hardware store on the tables.  Turned out really cute!  We made banners out of twine and strips of torn fabric which were adorable. 

I’d made ten dozen cupcakes!  Vanilla Bean, Lemon-Lime, Chocolate Caramel, S’mores, and Coconut!  Look for more pictures and recipes soon on the cooking blog.

Of course my camera decided to protests AND my phone’s memory was full so I couldn’t take any pictures.  The ones above my ten year old took with his camera!