Last month a fun group of ladies started a challenge based on the book  

It’s a super concept where you take 7 months, 
identify 7 areas of excess in your life,  
and make 7 choices each month in ways to cut back. 
Our first month was FOOD.  (You can insert a scream here.)
I really didn’t participate last month except to try and NOT eat out.
We are always on the go with kids activities and if I don’t plan ahead every day we end up grabbing something for the kids or getting a chicken or other quick fixes from the grocery store.  
I’ll have to say I did really good- 
and then made up for it this month by already eating out WAY too much.  
It’s made me aware of how much money is wasted when a family of five gets anything out (even snacks or drinks.) 
This month? 
This I have in the bag.  
I AM a jeans and t-shirts kind of gal.
 My choices of clothing for the month:
  1. Pure Charity T-Shirt (Thanks, *Pure Charity!)
  2. Jeans 
  3. Park Hill T-shirt
  4. Black Yoga Pants
  5. Bird Shirt by Erin
  6. Heifer Project shirt
  7. Purple tie-dyed shirt 
I’m not counting some things like shoes, pjs, or undies- 
and not counting jackets because AR weather is crazy and some days I might need one and others not.
The funny thing? 
I was apologizing to my daughter for picking her up from dance looking like a bum with paint all over my clothes and she said “OH!  I didn’t even know you were doing the challenge, you dress in 7 things anyway I think!”  Maybe after this is over I can get a makeover…

What I’m realizing is that even though I try to live 
the fact is that I am accustomed to excess. 
We are moving and as I go through the piles of “stuff” that I will never 
use I realize that it’s crazy how much we can accumulate over time. 
Even giving away an average of 2 bags a month I have a houseful of things I really don’t need.
We got broken into last week and I was almost grateful.
Crazy, I know
but I was thinking
Maybe he will take it all away so I don’t have to deal with it. 
Not the right attitude. 
I’m baring and paring
Stay tuned…
*On Pure Charity

Rewards Network Promo from Pure Charity on Vimeo.

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