Being foodies most of our NYC trip
 revolved around a particular place we wanted to eat, 
or something we wanted to try…
Just some of the great places we ate…
Katz’s deli (A classic with a great staff)
Sugar and Plumm (Super cute!)
Junior’s (Way too busy but pretty good cheesecake)
Osteria Laguna (FANTASTIC! I’ll have dreams about this food)
and lots of other good stuff!  
I have to say I was disappointed in most of the bakeries we tried- 
just really commercial and not old school like I expected.  
(What’s up with the macaroon fad anyway? Guess it’s the “new cupcake?”)
Also I was really surprised that we couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee anywhere!  
But the rest of the food (and service) was pretty much AMAZINGl!