On our 21st anniversary I gave my hubby a cute little stick with two lines on it…

(You can get pregnant at 42!  And here I thought menopause might have been the cause of my tiredness and queasy feelings.)

We’ve lost 7 pregnancies in the past,
so obviously we were very leary to tell the kids or even our friends this time.

On our fall break we told the kids why mommy wasn’t riding any rides at the theme parks. 

I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and healthy baby and momma so far.
I’ve been seeing the acupuncturist once a week, regular OB visits, and midwife visits so think I’m covered.  I had to be on progesterone shots for the first 14 weeks, and think that’s the key for me.
(With both my boys I took shots.) 

I’m still scared-
and just now the fear’s wearing thinner allowing myself to be,
So happy,
and So excited.

The funniest part?
My due date is April 1st!

Life is amazingly strange and wonderful! 

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