A question I’m getting a lot these days is “What’s it like?”

Meaning: what is it really like to be a new baby mom when you’re over 40?

I am so grateful to my friends who came forward when I was pregnant with Aimee and told me “I was your age when I had my youngest.”  or “I was older than you when I had mine.”  They are all people I already admired as being super “cool” moms and didn’t even know that they were older than I am!  Gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll be a “cool” mom! 🙂

The truth as I see it:

The Bad:
    1. I’m probably never going to be a size 2 again 
    2. Being really tired (eat right and/or take vitamins!)
    3. Not getting anything everything done
    4. Knowing I’ll be ____ years old when she’s ____.
    5. I have to write stuff down or I forget (EVERYTHING)
    6. Medical professionals will treat you like you are crazy and/or an old lady (AMA on your file) and your kids’ teachers will be old enough to be your kids too
The Good:
    1. I don’t care if I’m a size 2 anymore.
    2. I can take a nap and not feel guilty
    3. Dishes in the sink, laundry not done? It gets easier to accept, there will be time later
    4. Staying young at heart! 
    5. Saying “no” to the extras is so much easier
    6. I know how to tell people what I expect and need 

Picture of me and my baby girl

I cherish every single minute.