On Fun in the Big Apple

My daughter wanted a girls-only trip to NYC
for her 16th birthday…
My girl and her grandmas

She finally got her wish a couple of weeks ago!

We had big (unrealistic) plans to see almost every major tourist spot, see some shows, take some dance classes, and most importantly- find pointe shoes that fit! (Oh, and eat lots of good stuff!)
I’d bought the NYC Pass before we left.  It’s a pretty good deal, and although we didn’t see but 4-5 things out of the 80+ we could have we did get the right to jump to the front of the line in most places.  Figuring most things cost at least $20+ each I think it was worth it… REALLY worth it when you are short on time.  If we’d had another day we probably could have used at least 4 more places, if not more.  If we go back with the boys I’ll get it again, just because its worth it to me to not have to wait.   I’d say if you get it make sure to look on the website and plan what you’ll be doing each day, just to get your money’s worth.

So what DID we end up doing?

  • LOTS of walking! (Subways are HARD to figure out!)
  • Times Square hotspots (M&M store, Toys R Us, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, etc.)
  • Lots of dance stores & classes (Grishko, Capezio, Chacott/Freed, Yumiko, STEPS)


  • Chinatown
  • Little Italy
  • Top of the Rock Observation deck
  • Shopping
  • Pippin  (I bought tickets before we left and so glad I did!)

  • Cinderella (got 1/2 price tickets in Times Square)
  • South Street Seaport
  • Central Park
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • MOMA (Museum of Modern Art- got to see the Rain Room!)
  • Rockefeller Center
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Always Look Up!

On 95 Cupcakes

This weekend we celebrated my grandpa’s 95th birthday!
My Popie is an amazing guy.  Smart, funny, and kind.  
It was great to get some of the family together- we don’t do it enough it seems. 

We had a red, white, and blue themed BBQ lunch.  Mom used baskets and apple crates from her house for decoration and storage.  We bought yellow mums, red peppers, and black-eyed susans in pots to use as flowers so we wouldn’t waste anything.  Mom had a ton of red white and blue fabric she’d bought to make a quilt and we used that on serving tables and just brown craft paper from the hardware store on the tables.  Turned out really cute!  We made banners out of twine and strips of torn fabric which were adorable. 

I’d made ten dozen cupcakes!  Vanilla Bean, Lemon-Lime, Chocolate Caramel, S’mores, and Coconut!  Look for more pictures and recipes soon on the cooking blog.

Of course my camera decided to protests AND my phone’s memory was full so I couldn’t take any pictures.  The ones above my ten year old took with his camera!  

On Indiana Jones Cupcakes…

 My youngest turns 6 tomorrow and guess what kind of cake he wanted???
Hint: What do whips, golden idols, treasure maps, and snakes have in common?

 The kids helped me shape some cool stuff from fondant and tootsie rolls (you just heat up the tootsie rolls about 12 seconds and they get soft enough to mold!) We painted with petal dust and paint pens (food coloring.)

Answer: Indiana Jones!
The Crystal Skull!
Hope the party goes well tomorrow!

On Super Surprises

I left for the airport on Thursday thinking I was going to the windy city to tag along on a work trip for my hubby.   I was honestly dreading the wind and COLD temperatures (even went and bought long undies.)   We arrived at the Dallas airport to make the connecting flight and I looked up and saw the gate said “San Diego” instead of “Chicago.”  ???? That’s when he whipped out a jersey that said “THE BIG 40!”… (WHAT?)

Me & My Cali Buds Tailgating

We got to tailgate with my best bud and her hubby and watch the Chargers win!

Misty Del Mar Morning

I didn’t miss the snow a bit, and loved hearing the waves crash on the beach at night (with the windows open!) cappuccinos on the patio,  facials, massages…. Scott spoils me and might regret it now!

Poinsettias In Bloom
 Can’t believe he pulled one over on me. 
My Sweet Man
I think 40 is going to be fine. 

40 Things

My friend Alison had a phenomenal post today on the whimsical.  (One of my favorite words.)
She made a list on her last birthday of things she wants to do this year and that has me inspired.  I turn a big birthday in December and want to celebrate it.  I am going to start working on my things to do this year list now!  I’m going to try to make it focus on the unseen, but don’t know how well I’ll be able to manage that. 

Here is a start:

  1. Paint again
  2. Say more positive than negative things to my hubby
  3. Say more positive than negative things to my kids
  4. Paint the trim in my house
  5. Meditate on a regular basis again
  6. Start back in a regular yoga regimen
  7. Take another art class 
  8. Finish Sewing the things I started
  9. Get the baby albums finished (my youngest is 5 already…)
  10. Organize my pictures
  11. Travel to at least 2 countries this year
  12. Connect with my friends more
  13. Read a classic a month with my kids
  14. Start a family journal
  15. Talk to my brother more often
  16. Get rid of the clutter
  17. Dance more
  18. Make at least 3/4 of my Christmas gifts
  19. Ponder daily
  20. Get the rent house sold or rented

Okay, that’s half of my list.  I am going to revise it and post the whole thing on my birthday!