Oh…. Tannenbaum

Christmas Tree?
Christmas Tree!
My strong boys and their tree
The kids did all but the lights this year!
We finally managed to make it to the tree farm on Sunday.  
They did mention that was their last day to be open, so we just squeaked in!
The kids talked us into two trees since the big ones were all gone.  
I just got the boxes back up today so it doesn’t look so much like a disaster area 
(at least in the rooms that company will see.)
I’ve been feeling grinchy. 
(“Bah, humbug” says Mama Scrooge.) 
Trying to get in the spirit, so tomorrow we are getting together with friends
  to make care packages 
for men in a Sober Living facility.  
Birthday cake to make for J.  
He’s requested:
3 tiers,
fondant covered with cookie crumb dirt,
and cookies and cream filling,
with (guess who) Indiana Jones running down the hill and a 
giant ball rolling down after him.
Someone’s been watching too much Cake Boss on Netfllix.
Speaking of yummy cakes,
My mom made this beauty for me for my birthday!

On Indiana Jones Cupcakes…

 My youngest turns 6 tomorrow and guess what kind of cake he wanted???
Hint: What do whips, golden idols, treasure maps, and snakes have in common?

 The kids helped me shape some cool stuff from fondant and tootsie rolls (you just heat up the tootsie rolls about 12 seconds and they get soft enough to mold!) We painted with petal dust and paint pens (food coloring.)

Answer: Indiana Jones!
The Crystal Skull!
Hope the party goes well tomorrow!


Okay, I did it again. I am making a cake for my goddaughter’s friends’ 16th birthday party!
It’s not just any cake and I am soooo stressing.
It’s an Alice in Wonderland, topsy turvy cake.
Sort of like this:

What was I thinking?

Chipper! (Or Going Nuts)

I am getting “munked” this week. My baby turns 5 on Christmas Eve. The only day we could book the movie theater for his party (first REAL party) is tomorrow. Anyway, he wants an “Alvin and the Chipmunks 2” party and mom had to come up with a cake to match.

Emily helped me make the little guys tonight. We used fondant and are hoping it holds up (looking good so far.) We still have to paint the details on Alvin’s shirt and whatever else we get around to.
I think we’re doing white cupcakes with sparkles but stay tuned!


Here is the cake from H & K’s wedding yesterday. I have sugar everywhere, trying to get it out of my pores and off the furniture!