On Houses for Chicks

For Christmas my chickens got a new house!  
Cole and his pets

This was a long time coming.  We had hired a man to come build a coop from plans… he said it would be done by Thanksgiving.  (Two weeks after Thanksgiving he showed up and built the frame, roof, and brought the rest of the materials then never came back.)  Scott finished it in about two hours.  We still have to stain it and fix the roof (the man put the tin roof on going the wrong direction!)

Sorry for the bad pics but this shows the walkway to house

Side view so you can see the nesting box (opens to collect eggs)

Dreaming of Spring…

The weatherman last night said it might snow on Friday!  
I’m so sick of cold weather.  
Dreaming about gardening and itching to get started.  
Here are some of my plans for my mess of a yard this year:
  • Chicken coop  (I want about three hens)
Something like this?
Or this?

  • Hutch for our sweet bunny (he is much stinkier than the hamster and think he needs a place to go outside, at least in the daytime hours)
 How cute is this hutch with a “green” strawberry roof?
This is cute too.
  • More in my garden this year, and veggies around in strange places.  I’m going to try and maximize my space.  Check out Urban Ton for more info on city gardening.   I broke down and got some of those hanging tomato planters.  I know, I know, but a good gardening friend swears they are wonderful!  Also thinking about doing some raised beds our of haybales on the unused side yard.  
  •  Re-working our fish pond.  It’s had a slow leak and the liner doesn’t seem to stop it.  Since the dog loves to swim in it (he is a lab) I was thinking about just cementing the rocks in place and painting a liner on instead of putting the vinyl one back in.  Also I want to redo the waterfall to make more of a “splash!”  🙂 
Something like this? (ours is square)
  • The kids are wanting to expand/improve our playfort into a tree house type fort for the bigger kids that they are  (Going to get them to help me on that one.)
I like this one (but they will think it’s too sweet, I’m sure.)

I wish I had a cow…

I’ve been trying to “Keep It Local” to feed my family but do you know how hard it is to get local, organic milk? I’ve been trying to get the local farmer’s market co-op to bring in a monthly order just for us. I know people talk about how bad it is to consume a lot of dairy, but that’s what we do here. I really wish I had a cow in the backyard. Talk about having to use the pooper-scooper though- and I think a Labrador is bad.

It’s a lot easier to get fresh eggs, but boy are they expensive. I sort of wish I had a chicken coop like this one and some laying hens…

Scott just asked if this was the boy’s new bedroom picture. (Ha!)