On 95 Cupcakes

This weekend we celebrated my grandpa’s 95th birthday!
My Popie is an amazing guy.  Smart, funny, and kind.  
It was great to get some of the family together- we don’t do it enough it seems. 

We had a red, white, and blue themed BBQ lunch.  Mom used baskets and apple crates from her house for decoration and storage.  We bought yellow mums, red peppers, and black-eyed susans in pots to use as flowers so we wouldn’t waste anything.  Mom had a ton of red white and blue fabric she’d bought to make a quilt and we used that on serving tables and just brown craft paper from the hardware store on the tables.  Turned out really cute!  We made banners out of twine and strips of torn fabric which were adorable. 

I’d made ten dozen cupcakes!  Vanilla Bean, Lemon-Lime, Chocolate Caramel, S’mores, and Coconut!  Look for more pictures and recipes soon on the cooking blog.

Of course my camera decided to protests AND my phone’s memory was full so I couldn’t take any pictures.  The ones above my ten year old took with his camera!  

On Valentine’s Day Fun

Happy dia de San Valentin! 
Emily and I made 7 dozen cupcakes last night for school parties!
Just some of the 7 dozen

We opted for easy this time and just dusted them with natural sprinkles 
(India Tree-Nature’s Colors in Raspberry Red)
Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing
Jac’s “cards,” handlebar style

 The boys wanted “mustache” Valentine’s cards.  These are supposed to look like you have a mustache when you suck on the lollipop…

Max’s “cards” note the Charlie Chaplin moustache
To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”- Lao-Tzu

On Nutty Fun

Nutcracker is in full swing this week.   
Performances are this weekend (10th and 11th.)
We had the cast party for Ballet Arkansas and the kids this past Saturday.
 Mom, Emily and I made 11 dozen cupcakes!  
Set up in Studio (can’t see the royal mice very well but they are peeking out!)
Snowflakes and Flowers

   We tried to do something from each scene in the Nutcracker.  Ended up with Gumdrops for Land of Sweets, Flowers, Snow, Dragon (from Chinese Tea because Max is in the dragon this year,) Soldiers, and some fondant mice and royal mice.

Fondant Snowflakes with Sprinkle Snow

Fondant Flowers with Sugar snow

Soldiers, Nutcracker, Flowers, Dragon

Dragon’s Head (by Emily)

Soldier with Blue Disco Dust

Sunshine (at last!)

Sunshine at LAST! What a beautiful weekend.

Cupcakes I made for Heidi’s wedding shower (photos thanks to Tony!)
Flavors included: Vanilla Bean with Lemon filling,
Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Buttercream,
Spiced Carrot with Cream Cheese icing, and
Vanilla Bean with Amaretto Buttercream

Now I have to think about the wedding cake! (Actually it’s all I’m thinking about.) I am going to try some small trials because I wanted to do ruffles of fondant and haven’t done that before. I am not sure if white chocolate or fondant will work best…

We went to Hot Springs yesterday and had a great time.

(Except for waiting at Magic Springs for a long time again to get our season’s passes-
THE SECOND TIME!) I had ordered our tickets on the phone and they lost our paperwork. This time we did manage to get our passes made and leave- we wanted to do it before the park gets busy for the summer.

We also went to the Mid America Museum (the purpose of the drive) and had a picnic out front. I didn’t want to leave the picnic table it was so sunny and breezy! We have really missed the sun in central Arkansas lately.

A tip for anyone interested: if you have a science museum nearby- join! We have really made use of our memberships. Most science museums have reciprocal memberships with museums around the world. A family membership at Mid America Museum is only $65 for a year, and includes 3 kids and 2 adults. We can go there (or the Museum of Discovery here in Little Rock) for free the rest of the year. If we go to Memphis for the day the Pink Palace museum is free, Children’s museum is free. In Dallas the Natural History museum is free! This Spring Break we went to the several museums in San Antonio for free. When we drove to California two years ago we went to places all along the way for free! If we had to pay regular admittance it would have been at least $65 each time.
*We also join our zoo for the same reason.

J. watching the koi at Mid America Museum

Terrarium I made a few weeks ago and forgot to post a picture of!
(Unfortunately it’s not doing too well now, going to have to change the plants already.)

Today looks to be a gorgeous day also! Hope everyone has a great day.

Also congratulations to my lovely cousin, Molly on her graduation from Texas Women’s University! We love you and are so proud of you!