Surprise! (Or What my Hubby Got for his 21st Anniversary)

On our 21st anniversary I gave my hubby a cute little stick with two lines on it…

(You can get pregnant at 42!  And here I thought menopause might have been the cause of my tiredness and queasy feelings.)

We’ve lost 7 pregnancies in the past,
so obviously we were very leary to tell the kids or even our friends this time.

On our fall break we told the kids why mommy wasn’t riding any rides at the theme parks. 

I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and healthy baby and momma so far.
I’ve been seeing the acupuncturist once a week, regular OB visits, and midwife visits so think I’m covered.  I had to be on progesterone shots for the first 14 weeks, and think that’s the key for me.
(With both my boys I took shots.) 

I’m still scared-
and just now the fear’s wearing thinner allowing myself to be,
So happy,
and So excited.

The funniest part?
My due date is April 1st!

Life is amazingly strange and wonderful! 

Labor Day Fun

We had a last minute wild idea to make a run to Texas to see my grandma and aunt Kathy and her wonderful family. We left Saturday and drove down, visited with aunt, uncle, cousin and Grandma over dinner. We lucked out and found a hotel that must have been open only a few days. It is very obvious that I need a camera before our Disney trip! (Any suggestions?) The camera phone is not cutting it- can’t focus or zoom.

Kids in front of the new house

Sunday we met the family and drove over to see their new home. It’s really going to be pretty and it’s on a great lot, right on the golf course with green space behind them. We left there and drove to Fort Worth to see their zoo. We always go to the Dallas Zoo– thought this would be a nice change.

Our new friend who came to lunch with us
(actually kept coming up under my feet and to Scott’s hand!)

Lesser Kudu Family (they had lots of cute babies!)

It was so busy, and hot! It was a nice zoo, but honestly, I think I like the Dallas zoo better. They have more for the kids to do that is interactive (we especially like the little water play area!) Also, there didn’t seem to be anyone cleaning up after the multitudes and dirty diapers, cups, food, were everywhere- even in the theater and in the exhibits. Nasty! Why would anyone throw a diaper down on the ground? I really don’t get that. How hard is it to find a trash can? Come on, people! They did have a neat aviary where you can buy little sticks of seeds to feed beautiful canaries, doves, and starlings.

Em feeding the birds

Headed home on Monday morning before the sun was up because we had to be in Ozark for my grandpa’s early 92nd birthday celebration. My aunt snuck him up there on the pretense that they were just going to lunch at his favorite Thai restaurant (Thai Steakhouse.) Little did he know that 6 of his great-grandkids, 2 grandkids (and spouses) and 3 of his kids would be there!

It was fun, and a great lunch!

Popie, the Pirate Captain (for the day)

Our motley pirate crew

Home again, home again, jiggity jog…