On House Progress

Trying hard to get in the house by Thanksgiving…

 Cabinets and Countertops are done!  
I adore my cabinets and glad I didn’t compromise.  
Thank you to HomeWorks of Arkansas for Dwight’s gorgeous woodwork. 
We did green granite on island, and cherry on rest of countertops.
I had vintage colors we found matched for island and cabinet colors.  
Still have to pick wall color, install tile backsplashes, dishwasher/fridge panels, and install faucet. 
The floors came out beautifully.  We used Monocoat in Dark Oak (an all natural, LEED certified product.)  Scott did the upstairs and we had McMillon and Sons do the downstairs.  
This weekend we framed in the playroom and got most of the sheetrock done (except for all of the ceiling.)  Hopefully we’ll get it floated soon and then I can paint and start cabinets there….
Thankful for a great hubby who knows how to do everything and an awesome brother in law that takes time from his vacation to come help us! 

On Feelings of Gratitude

Yesterday I made spaghetti and meatballs (turkey) and homemade French bread for dinner.
The recipe I use for the bread is a great one and makes 4 loaves. It’s from a great bread book mom gave me a long time ago “Farm Journal’s Homemade Breads” Usually I cut corners on time and it’s just OK. Last night I was patient and it was beautiful. I LOVE fresh bread. One of the biggest pains I have is missing the lovely fresh “michas” and “michitas” we would get in Colon (Panama) for $.25 to $.75. The smell alone makes you full and happy I think. They baked them with wood on a tile bed which makes all the difference. The kids actually ate.
Many things have been happenning around us lately that makes me realize how lucky we are and how grateful I am for the life I have been given.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Dishes left on the table and counter – means we have more than enough to eat. (And it means I don’t have to pay the kids their allowance!)
  • Clothes not in the hamper– We have clothes to wear (too many)
  • Legos on the floor I step on– means I have creative children (And again it means I don’t have to pay the kids their allowance!)
  • Too many things to do in the day– Makes me happy that I’m healthy enough to do them
  • My children arguing- We are all together and still speaking to each other
  • Library fines– I have a place I can find free books
  • Paw Prints on the clean floor
  • Sticky little kisses
  • Scratchy big kisses

I just know that we have to savour every minute of the beautiful lives we are given.