Happy Birthday, Popie!

Today is my grandpa’s 93rd birthday!  
He is a wonderful man and still going strong.  
I am excited because he’s coming down for lunch today and I get to celebrate with him!
Me & Popie (1974)

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Popie!

Happy Birthday, Daddy

My dad would have been 65 today. 

He really was an amazing guy.  
He was brilliant and could make everyone laugh. 
But, he passed away from a rare form of cancer when he was only 32. 
He never got to see this:

My wedding
or this,
My brother’s wedding
or these,
Six Grandkids
But I’ve always felt like he was there, watching over us. 
Just like he said he would 
when I was six.
Happy Birthday, daddy. 
I love you.

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Sweet baby, did you know then that you would 
explore caves and oceans,
be in at least four war zones,
live in seven countries, 
travel to many more, 
(scariest of all) have six grandbabies
before your 65th birthday? 
Yes, looking at that mischievous grin I think you did. 
What adventures are you off to now?  
I can’t wait to find out! 
Happy Birthday, Mom!  
I love you!

Five Years?

I can’t believe it’s been five years
since you came to us
in that wild, winter ice storm…
J on his birthday (Christmas Eve 2004)
J on his birthday 2009