Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to my brother, Kenneth and cousin, Caralee! (And Happy Anniversary, Kenneth & Valerie!)

Hope you both have beautiful days filled with many smiles!

Happy Birthday Baby- March 10, 2008

Emily age 3 (first dance recital)

My baby’s growing up! Today I’m thinking back to a March that resembled this March- we had snow a the beginning of the month, and then beautiful flowers (I’m hoping that they will come soon.) It was eleven years ago when my first child came to be with us (in true character, four weeks late!) I can remember looking at her for the first time thinking “She has an old soul, so intelligent!” She has brightened my life in so many ways, and taught me so many things (patience, I’m still working on.) Her endless creativity always amazes me. I feel so fortunate to be her mother and share a special part of her life. I can’t believe it’s been eleven years already…