On Sunshine

What a difference a little sunshine can make!
 I don’t think I realize how down the dark days can make me until the sun comes back around. 

 Rosebud tree

This has been a nice weekend, I don’t want it to end!  We went to the Apple Blossom Invitational at Oaklawn yesterday with some great friends who’d flown in from California to see Zenyatta win her 16th consecutive win.  It was truly beautiful to see her glide down the track.  What a gorgeous horse… 

 Mike Smith and Zenyatta

I got the garden started yesterday (thanks to my awesome man for tilling it up a few weeks ago.) 

I had rescued a broken wooden baby gate from the side of the road and he made a cute pea/bean trellis for me.   We have the rabbit hutch planted with it’s roof garden (which actually seems to be working!)  I put portulaca, mint, and oregano on top because they have shallow roots, and the roof planter is not very deep.   We also moved it to the garden.  That way our sweet bunny can help me with the weeds!  (She LOVES them!)

Now, we’re going to figure out which chicken coop we want.  Hubby has lots of wood he found from his garage clean-up yesterday that he says will do.   I am thinking I’ll get Rhode Island Reds if I can find them, maybe 4? 

 Maybe this one?

Rain, Rain, Go-away…

I admit it.
I love rain.
I love the way it makes the air smell.

In Panama we had rainy and dry seasons. In the rainy season it would rain every day, but at an almost set time so you knew the sun would come out eventually. As a kid it was great. We would don our bathing suits and cover the drains with palm fronds so that the street would flood, like a mini-swimming pool. (No, there was virtually no traffic.) The frogs would lay their eggs in multitude and you could scoop them up and fill tanks and bowls in the house to produce so many little tadpoles and baby frogs. The only downside was riding your bike home from the pool and having the skies open up on you. You could grab a palm frond or other giant leaves to sub as an umbrella. It wasn’t unusual to come home drenched to the bone, but the rain was so warm and happy that it was like taking a shower from heaven.

Now this year in Arkansas we’ve already gone 12 inches over our usual annual rainfall. It has rained for several days straight again and the sun is not peeking out anywhere, thus the problem. I have to have me some sun.

Where are you, Mr. Sun?

My roof is dripping in the bathroom again. And the roof guy told me I don’t need a new one? I’d get up there and see where it’s leaking if it would stop raining long enough.
My yard looks like a mud pit again.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. The westcoast is in major drought. If I could only send it that way for a day or two…

When it does stop we get these beautiful scenes for a few hours.

Sunshine (at last!)

Sunshine at LAST! What a beautiful weekend.

Cupcakes I made for Heidi’s wedding shower (photos thanks to Tony!)
Flavors included: Vanilla Bean with Lemon filling,
Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Buttercream,
Spiced Carrot with Cream Cheese icing, and
Vanilla Bean with Amaretto Buttercream

Now I have to think about the wedding cake! (Actually it’s all I’m thinking about.) I am going to try some small trials because I wanted to do ruffles of fondant and haven’t done that before. I am not sure if white chocolate or fondant will work best…

We went to Hot Springs yesterday and had a great time.

(Except for waiting at Magic Springs for a long time again to get our season’s passes-
THE SECOND TIME!) I had ordered our tickets on the phone and they lost our paperwork. This time we did manage to get our passes made and leave- we wanted to do it before the park gets busy for the summer.

We also went to the Mid America Museum (the purpose of the drive) and had a picnic out front. I didn’t want to leave the picnic table it was so sunny and breezy! We have really missed the sun in central Arkansas lately.

A tip for anyone interested: if you have a science museum nearby- join! We have really made use of our memberships. Most science museums have reciprocal memberships with museums around the world. A family membership at Mid America Museum is only $65 for a year, and includes 3 kids and 2 adults. We can go there (or the Museum of Discovery here in Little Rock) for free the rest of the year. If we go to Memphis for the day the Pink Palace museum is free, Children’s museum is free. In Dallas the Natural History museum is free! This Spring Break we went to the several museums in San Antonio for free. When we drove to California two years ago we went to places all along the way for free! If we had to pay regular admittance it would have been at least $65 each time.
*We also join our zoo for the same reason.

J. watching the koi at Mid America Museum

Terrarium I made a few weeks ago and forgot to post a picture of!
(Unfortunately it’s not doing too well now, going to have to change the plants already.)

Today looks to be a gorgeous day also! Hope everyone has a great day.

Also congratulations to my lovely cousin, Molly on her graduation from Texas Women’s University! We love you and are so proud of you!