On Dreaming of Spring

It’s the simple things that make me really happy,
like a burst of yellow on a sunny day…
 A bouquet found,
 Rolls hot from the oven,

Or a smiling hen.
Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition
Come on and join the fun!  This week’s challenge was “yellow/Easter.”

On Beginnning

I am not making resolutions but…
I do feel the need to make a new beginning in 2012.
What is it about the New Year that makes us feel the urge to change?

A few changes around here:

  • I have four “new” chickens we inherited from a friend.  They lay the biggest eggs!

(They’re picking on my sweet chicken so not sure I like them yet. 
Mom is going to take a few once she has a coop to put them in, so I
think I’ll give her “Meany” or “Big Red” as the kids call her. Then
maybe my old girl will come out from under the deck.) You learn what “pecking order” means when you have chickens!

“Big Red”, “Spotty” and “Special” begging

The Girls Pecking (Pillow is under the deck of course)

  • I’ve only gotten one parking ticket this year!  (Oh, it’s only been 13 days?) Well, I’m making a pact to get a roll of quarters today so I’ll maybe avoid another (before February anyway.)
  • I want to lose the baby weight.  It’s only been 2 months so I’m not pushing it, but watching what I eat- doing “Lose It” again (iPhone app) and have lost one pound already.  Yesterday I used practically half of my calories eating a bowl of oatmeal- did you know there are 500 calories in a cup of Scottish Steel Cut Oats?  Yikes. Gave the chickens the leftover Christmas cookies to get them out of my reach.  Need to go back to yoga.
  •  After getting the estimate to add on to this house I’ve decided to
    purge.  In this market I
    don’t know if it’s worth adding up, and we can’t find anything we like that isn’t a fixer-upper or crazy expensive.   I started on my desk area yesterday and
    ended up making a much bigger mess but I figure it’s a start.  If I can do one drawer or shelf each day it shouldn’t be too bad…
Desk (Mid way done)
Yikes!  All this fit on the bookshelf?
  •  Going to attempt stick to a budget and menu AND use my coupons.  (We’ll see how long that lasts.)
  • Want to start something creative this year 

What plans do you have for 2012?

Happy Friday the 13th!

Sick Chicken

Well, sad news in our house…
Dinner, Max’s pet chicken, went to the great scratching ground in the sky.
Dinner as a Youngster

She had been sick for over a month.  I tried EVERYTHING to get her well. 
(My family really thought I was nuts, believe me.)  It was so strange.  At first she started acting weak, then in a week or so acted like she’d hurt her foot.  Then, a few weeks later both feet totally didn’t work.  My theory is that she had a genetic disorder where she was TOO GOOD of a layer (she would lay two eggs a day on average) and it leached all the calcium from her body.   Even with me giving them enriched food, veggies, and oyster shell…  I tried home remedies (spoon feeding yogurt, shredded apples, oats,)  tetracycline just in case, vitamins.    Her sisters didn’t pick on her or bother her much.  They were only a little jealous that she got to be spoon fed.  I swear they have been singing a little dirge at night in her memory.  Very sweet.
Cole Looking at Dinner

R.I.P. Dinner the chicken

On Sitting Pretty

Painted Coop (still need to get solar panel and trim on door)
“Dinner” on her table


Inside the Nesting Box!

Inside “House” door for cleaning
View Taken from the Nesting Box of Perches

End Result is Good!  They really like the coop and have been going 
inside to lay eggs even if I let them roam (Yay!)