On Pink?

Last month I had an ultrasound to check and make sure all was well…

It is, and it’s a GIRL!

I really didn’t care if we had a girl or boy,
but secretly leaning towards the female side (just to even out the team.) 
We were going to have a Gender Reveal at dinner to tell our kids, my mom, and hubby’s parents
that night…
I had great plans of making cute Pinterest-found cupcakes with cute fondant toppers and
pink icing in the middle,
Dance happened.  E is getting ready for Swan Lake AND Nutcracker so it just didn’t happen.
Instead I ordered an all white cake with pink filling from a local bakery.
On the way home the entire top layer slid off!

Cake after I attempted to fix it- Pink was showing through sides though!

(They hadn’t put dowels in the cake and it was three layers with LOTS of filling.)
With an hour to spare I managed to come up with this:

Tiny Take-Out Boxes

Filled with PINK Sixlet Candy

We asked everyone to open them at the same time and it served the purpose!
The kids were so excited (finally!) 

I’m officially more than 1/2 way there now…
21 weeks!

19 to go til we meet her!

On (Almost) Quiet Moments

On the way home from taking sis to dance the boys told me they wanted to go practice soccer.
I couldn’t believe it pass it up so I pulled off at the soccer complex to let them run.


Life is getting so complicated lately.
We have to catch those fun moments whenever we can. 
High School choices, dance almost every day, soccer 2-3 nights a week, school…
I feel my chauffeur role expanding.
Emily got accepted in two summer intensive programs at Joffrey in NYC and one in Atlanta.  She really wanted to go to NYC but it’s so expensive and she has time.  (Think we might take a trip with her dance studio to NYC anyway, so that will be more fun! )

I’m joining in on the last foto Friday!
Household6Diva FotoFriday

On Ancient Greeks in the Living Room!

My kids have been hiding out in the living room for the past few days.  Emily had a lock-in at a prospective high school on Friday night (YIKES!) so the boys and I had a sleepover of our own.
Pizza, movies, sleeping bags…
The dog and I even had our own pallet on the floor. 
Last night they wanted to recreate the experience but this time with sister included.
(I didn’t make it through the night I must admit and retired to the quiet of my room.  Of course it was my fault for letting them make cookies and have coke. )
All day long they are re-making their “forts” and jumping on my furniture.
This is what I overheard:
J- “I don’t know how much longer I can do this!”
M-“You have to.  You are being punished.”
J- “Ya, I know, but the sky sure is really heavy and my muscles hurt.”
Me- “Who are you supposed to be J?”
J- “You know, that dude that holds up the heavens? Um Atlan?”
Me- “Atlas?”
J- “Ya, him.”

Picture from Bullfinches’ Mythology Online

Wow.  Thank you, Rick Riordan!

*If you don’t know about Rick Riordan books you should check them out.  We’ve read almost all of his books out loud together, and E and I have read ALL his books.  Anxiously waiting on his next one!