I wanted to give a quick report on how I did last month at FlashBack, or attempting to post everyday in August.  Well, on this blog I only had 11 posts, but when you combine that with the posts on my other blogs I had a grand total of…..

26 posts! 
(Not too shabby!)

11 posts a month on my personal blog (this one) is about the most I ever can manage. 
Think I did okay.

Writer’s Workshop: Escaping the Chokey

With my youngest starting kindergarten life has been different.
Now, my life is busy but too quiet (except for dogs and chickens) until they come home. In the noisy car yesterday Jac wanted to know what it meant to go to the *principal’s office.

 *Note that my kids’ principal is the sweetest person ever.

Jac:   “What do they do in the principal’s office?”
Max: “Put you in the chokey,” 
Me:   “Well, it depends on what you do.  Talk to you about it, call your parents, kick you out of school…” 
Jac:   “Oh.  Did you ever go the principal’s office mom?”
Me:   “Never.  I was a good girl. ” (true)  “Well, okay three times.  The first was when I was in kindergarten.” (also true)
Kids: “When you were in KINDERGARTEN?!! WHAT did you DO, mom?” 
Me:    “Well, there was this boy who was my friend.  I thought he was pretty cute. I was goofing off at  lunch and pretended to pour my milk on his head, but my milk was all gone.  Well, I thought it was all gone but found out it wasn’t when he got doused with milk, so I was sent to the office.”
Jac:   “What did the principal do?”
Me:   “She laughed and told me not to do it again.”
Max:  “Wow, you were lucky mom.”

This week’s assignments…

Mama's Losin' It

Cheeseblogher in Paradise

Saturday my sweet friend Alison and I went to a Cheeseblogher party hosted by the awesome Kyran Pittman 


 For those you don’t know (like me before I was invited) the Cheeseblogher party was set up for all of those who can’t go to NYC to the big BlogHer convention this weekend. 
  • It was held downtown in one of the new condo buildings (GORGEOUS views B.T.W.) and made us feel very posh indeedy. 
  • It was a chance to feel like a grown-up (or get dress like one anyway.)

  • Made me realize how “out of the mingling loop” I am- I’m so not up on my public speaking, so I felt like a bit of a dork (which I am, as those of you who know me can attest to.)
  •  I got to meet some GREAT fellow lady bloggers (and finally put faces to those I already loved.)  How cool to finally meet locals with habits like mine and to hear why and what they blog. 
  • My daughter was mad because I didn’t take my camera (batteries were dead from her using it) and get a pic of Alison and I wearing cheeseburger bags on our heads (which we didn’t do.) Sorry kid. Maybe next time. 

I went to a WordPress convention a few months ago and felt so out of place. 
NOT the case here with the funny, wonderful women I met.  I look forward to more Arkansas Blogging fun!

La’Tonya, Me, & Alison Chatting (Thanks to Stickhorse Cowgirls!)

On T.G.I.F. Fun

I picked up the kids a few minutes early today and 
we headed over to the bakery to get some yummies.
Community Bakery Goodies
Kids’ Lemon Pie & Lemon Raspberry Tart

After swimming this afternoon we headed 
down to our library for some serious fun at Lamanpalooza.
Trout Fishing In America at Lamanpalooza
Boys Rolling Down the Hill 

They had all kinds of games set up (jumpy castles, face painting, fire truck, police car, ambulance tour, fish, food, clowns…) and Trout Fishing in America was the headliner.  The kids had a great time!
A great Friday!

(Trying to remember my days- join in!)

On Craziness

I feel slightly nuts lately.
Maybe it’s the heat.  (Only like 115 today.)
Or me not learning to say “no” once again…
Too many irons in the fire as my mom would say. (Sure feels like it in this heat.)

My friend Alison has a challenge going to blog every day in August.  I don’t know if I’ll manage it (missed the first already) but I will try!  Just to keep my head.

Why I feel crazy:

  • We have been trying to fix up a rent/flip house we got a few weeks ago.  It’s a great little house (or will be) by the lake.  Very cute backyard (or will be.)  The past two weeks have been spent cleaning, buying lights and glass, talking to contractors and electricians… That would normally be fine but…
  • The kids ALL started school at the same time so that has made my life like a crazy whirlwind. 
  • I am VP in charge of fundraising for the PTA and trying to get the first fundraiser going has been more of a challenge than I expected.  Hopefully it will work out okay in the end.  Two weeks left.
  •  It’s HOT.  (Did I say it was hot?)

 I feel better already! (Maybe that’s the ice cream…)