Floppy Flowers

We have been sick for the past week.  Strep throat again.  Fun stuff.  On top of that Emily and I developed bronchitis and sinus infections so we are just now up and around.  (Thank God for antibiotics.)  Being sick has made us all a bit stir-crazy. 

I decided to get out and see what has become of my yard today, and cut some of my pretty hydrangeas.  The blue ones are probably original to the house, at least 50+ yrs old maybe?  The white ones are a heritage variety I got at a garden show- you can’t see it very well in the picture but they are white with tiny blue buds that are under the white petals.  I also have a laceleaf but it’s not that pretty yet.  I’ll post pics when they bloom. 

Arranging these made me think…
Hydrangeas are a lot like kids.  They are really hard to get to do what you want, and somehow even if they don’t do everything you expect they are awfully fun anyway.  

On Sunshine

What a difference a little sunshine can make!
 I don’t think I realize how down the dark days can make me until the sun comes back around. 

 Rosebud tree

This has been a nice weekend, I don’t want it to end!  We went to the Apple Blossom Invitational at Oaklawn yesterday with some great friends who’d flown in from California to see Zenyatta win her 16th consecutive win.  It was truly beautiful to see her glide down the track.  What a gorgeous horse… 

 Mike Smith and Zenyatta

I got the garden started yesterday (thanks to my awesome man for tilling it up a few weeks ago.) 

I had rescued a broken wooden baby gate from the side of the road and he made a cute pea/bean trellis for me.   We have the rabbit hutch planted with it’s roof garden (which actually seems to be working!)  I put portulaca, mint, and oregano on top because they have shallow roots, and the roof planter is not very deep.   We also moved it to the garden.  That way our sweet bunny can help me with the weeds!  (She LOVES them!)

Now, we’re going to figure out which chicken coop we want.  Hubby has lots of wood he found from his garage clean-up yesterday that he says will do.   I am thinking I’ll get Rhode Island Reds if I can find them, maybe 4? 

 Maybe this one?

Dreaming of Spring…

The weatherman last night said it might snow on Friday!  
I’m so sick of cold weather.  
Dreaming about gardening and itching to get started.  
Here are some of my plans for my mess of a yard this year:
  • Chicken coop  (I want about three hens)
Something like this?
Or this?

  • Hutch for our sweet bunny (he is much stinkier than the hamster and think he needs a place to go outside, at least in the daytime hours)
 How cute is this hutch with a “green” strawberry roof?
This is cute too.
  • More in my garden this year, and veggies around in strange places.  I’m going to try and maximize my space.  Check out Urban Ton for more info on city gardening.   I broke down and got some of those hanging tomato planters.  I know, I know, but a good gardening friend swears they are wonderful!  Also thinking about doing some raised beds our of haybales on the unused side yard.  
  •  Re-working our fish pond.  It’s had a slow leak and the liner doesn’t seem to stop it.  Since the dog loves to swim in it (he is a lab) I was thinking about just cementing the rocks in place and painting a liner on instead of putting the vinyl one back in.  Also I want to redo the waterfall to make more of a “splash!”  🙂 
Something like this? (ours is square)
  • The kids are wanting to expand/improve our playfort into a tree house type fort for the bigger kids that they are  (Going to get them to help me on that one.)
I like this one (but they will think it’s too sweet, I’m sure.)

After the Rain (finally)

We actually had rain yesterday! It was the first in a long time so my yard was very thankful. I took these pics of my new beds. They aren’t the greatest pictures, and remember they are new beds…

Vegetable/Wildflower bed

I put some tomato plants, peppers, basils, oregano, mint, and okra in the “vegetable” garden as well as some ornamentals. I really hope they all do well.

Side bed (after the rain so it’s a little beat-up)

We are going to put in a “dry river bed” path where you see the mud going down the hill. I have to get sod also to go in the other muddy places.

Visitors to the garden

Hot fun in the summer

Flowers in my yard (anyone know what they are?)

This past weekend Scott built a railing for the side of the deck. Keeps the kids & dog from jumping off and digging! We still have to stain it and sand/stain the rest of the deck (again.)

Yesterday I finished building a flowerbed in what was the digging pit. I still need to add some more plants and mulch -not sure if I’m going to move some plants from other areas or just buy new. (See my little banana trees!)

Here are a couple of frugal ideas:

An old IV hanger as a plant stand (got it at a yard sale for $2) Won’t rust and has wheels!

Grow your own basils (3 kinds here)

Not the best picture but this is a pretty asparagus fern I planted in an old basketball goal that is grown into the oak tree